Trio of Desserts Vegan

Trio of Desserts Vegan

Serves 4 in 2.0 Hours, 20 Minutes

Banana Tofu Ice Cream with Butternut & Molasses Pudding on Rum & Raisin Caramel Sauce with Coconut Smoothie Shots This is a dessert that is vegan and I designed it for the first professional Vegan Chef of the Year Competition held by the vegan society. I was runner up.

* * *


Place the bananas, tofu, sugar, lemon juice and soya milk in a blender and process. Transfer to ice cream machine and half chill, before spooning into cone moulds. Then place in freezer to finish setting.

Peel chop and cook the butternut squash, cook in boiling water until soft then mash.

Mix together the Bicarbonate Soda, Molasses, Sugar, Baking Powder, Oil and Flour.

Then mix in the butternut mash and cinnamon. Pour this mixture into a parchment lined baking tin and bake in the over. 175º- 200ºC for about 25 minutes. Then remove.

Boil up the rum with the raisins and a little sugar. Mix together the soya milk and cornflour and mix in a little to the rum and raisin syrup to thicken a little.

Process the raspberries and icing sugar in a blender or food processor and pass through a fine sieve to make a raspberry coulis.

Melt the Isomalt in a saucepan and make sugar spirals to decorate the dish.

Make truffles using dark chocolate, tofu, pineapple, and coconut milk. Mix together the tofu, pineapple and coconut milk and process in a blender. Melt a little chocolate and mix in well. Fill this mixture into chocolate spheres and dip in melted chocolate.

Allow to harden then pierce through with a cocktail stick.

Blend the coconut milk in a blender with sugar and froth pour into shot glasses top with Pina Colada Truffle on a stick.

Arrange the banana ice cream cones upside down on platters top with sugar spirals, place a square of the pudding next to it and the shot glass next to this. Streak the plate with raspberry coulis and spoon the rum and raisin sauce over the pudding.

* * *