Sweet Potato Crush flavoured with Ras al Hanout

Sweet Potato Crush flavoured with Ras al Hanout

Serves 4 in 1.0 Hour

It's wonderful how new flavours can be discovered time and again. Not really having a sweet tooth like our transatlantic friends the sweet potato stayed off my radar until it was married to the spice blend of ras el hanout from north Africa.

* * *


Peel the potatoes and cut into dice of 2cms.

Peel the onions and finely dice. Crush and peel the garlic and finely chop to a paste.

Shred the coriander.

Heat the oil in heavy based saucepan and add the onions, potato and garlic.

After the initial burst of heat reduce the temperature and allow the mixture to sweat. Stir in the ras el hanout and season with salt and pepper.

Keep the mixture moving with a wooden spoon or the occasional shake of the pan if you are cooking lots of other dishes at the same time.

It won't take too long to cook probably 12-15 minutes. If the pan starts to get really dry then add a little water.

When the potatoes are soft and starting to go mushy add the shredded sweet potato.

Give the potatoes a good stir up to crush them then serve.

Looking for it to be neat then press on plates using a round cutter or ring.


I'm not one for freshly ground black pepper in everything but in this case go ahead and use it.

* * *