Scallops with Bacon, Black Pudding & Apple

Scallops with Bacon, Black Pudding & Apple

Serves 4 in 1.0 Hour

One of those marriages made in heaven bacon, scallops and whisky not forgetting the butter. this time though with the addition of black pudding. It has to be from Bury non of your over spiced pretenders form north of the border!

* * *


Cut the bacon into strips (lardons) ½cm thick and cut the black pudding also in ½cm pieces about
4-5 cms long.

Check the scallops for any bits of connective tissue that may be better removed. Remove any coral if you don't like it. I like it and it adds to the colour of the finish dish.

Slice the apples thinly and try to get 12 slices at least.

Pan fry the apple slices in butter and oil. Mainly butter and only a splash of oil to ensure the butter does not burn.

Remove the apple slices and arrange on warmed plates then cook the bacon strips quickly before adding in the scallops and black pudding and some more butter. Try not to mash up the black pudding. Cook the scallops on each side for a couple of minutes. Hopefully you managed to get big scallops. Careful not to overcook or they will be rubbery. A good twist of the pepper grinder is a good idea at this point.

Add some whisky and flame before removing from heat and spooning scallops, bacon and black pudding onto the apples centred on the plates.

Decorate with a green herb like basil or even parsley it won't bring anything to the flavour of the dish but it will break up all that beige.

Drizzle some of the buttery whisky sauce onto the plates also and serve.


Be sure to read the recipe through so you know what you'll be doing because as soon as you add the scallops to the pan you will have about 3 minutes to cook the dish and get it onto the plates.

* * *