Salad of Roasted Peppers with Goats Cheese

Serves 4 in 1 Hour

I've always got some salad in the bottom of my fridge and this dish is one that I make up when I?m looking for something simple and I just quickly roast the peppers to bring out the flavour of the natural sugars in them and toss them all together before adding the cheese and splashing with some good quality olive oil.

* * *


Wash all the lettuce leaves, basil and the peppers. Break up the leaves by tearing them if they are large ones.
Cut the peppers into strips about 7 cms long and ½ cm thick. Heat up a frying pan with a little oil and then gently fry the peppers until slightly browned but not black.

Drain and add to the mixed leaves before arranging on plates.

Goats cheese may then be diced and simply placed on the salad pepper mix or if you like me are not too keen on goats cheese try warming it under the grill without melting it completely and then put on the salad. You'll find a completely different texture to the cheese.

Lastly drizzle with olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Serve with toasted croutes of French bread, just slice and toast.

If you are not too keen on balsamic leave it out and instead liquidize the basil with the olive oil and a little garlic for an equally good dressing.

* * *