Roulade of Chicken, Spinach & King Prawns

Serves 4 in 1 Hour

Here's one for a more exotic use of a humble chicken breast. Packed with flavour and lots of nice colours on the plate.

* * *


Skin the red peppers and cut into a fine dice 3mm (brunoise). Mix the red pepper in with the cooked rice and then add the sesame seeds. Season with salt and pepper and keep to one side.

Remove the inner fillets from the chicken breasts and split the breasts for stuffing. Bat out the breasts a little and bat the fillets flat.

Remove any large stalks from the spinach and line the inside of the chicken breasts with spinach leaves. Fill the rice mixture into the breasts then place two prawns on each, pushing down into the centre of the rice.

Place the chicken fillet over the rice mixture and tuck into the chicken. Roll up and wrap in cling film, tightly like a sausage.

Poach for fifteen minutes in simmering water. Remove and allow to rest for ten minutes.

Meanwhile make the sauce by boiling up the cream with the butter cut into cubes until a buttery emulsion is achieved. Flavour with the Lea & Perrins, taste and adjust seasoning as required with lemon juice and pepper. If too bitter add a little sugar.

Sweat the courgette and carrot in butter. then arrange on plates in a line with the warmed lentils.

Slice the chicken breasts and layer on the lentils. Spoon on the sauce. Serve with pak-choi and baby fondant potato.

* * *