Serves 1 in 5 Minutes

Making an omelette is a skillful technique. That is if you want a dish that is light and fluffy. So no putting it under the grill to set it! Hot pans, practise and you'll soon be making a dish fit for a Michelin Star.

* * *


Heat up a small frying pan or omelette pan with a little oil. 2 tablespoons should be sufficient.

Crack two eggs into a bowl and beat rigorously with a fork.

Slice the mushrooms.

Cook the mushrooms lightly in the oil.

Add the beaten egg and mix in well with a fork. Use the back of the fork and stir the egg and mushroom mixture well allowing the fork to touch the bottom of the pan then stop and neaten the edge of the omelette.

Use a palette knife, run it around the edge of the omelette to loosen it. Shake the pan and tap it on the stove to loosen it. Tip the omelette over and out onto a plate.

Whisk the beaten egg into the hot oil using a fork and mix well. The fork should go down to the bottom of the pan and move the egg mixture around to assist in the cooking process.

As the mixture begins to set ensure that the omelette has not stuck, if it has bang the pan on the stove. Hold the pan in one hand up from the stove and tap the joint of the handle with your fist. This will cause the edge of the omelette furthest away from you to curl up and ride up the edge of the pan. Using the fork roll the other edge of the omelette towards the curling edge and fold together. This forms the classic omelette shape.

Take the pan in one hand and an plate in the other and tip the omelette out onto the plate. Rolling the omelette so that the seam of the two edges is underneath.

Spilt the top of the omelette by cutting a slit from one end to the other.

Fill with your favourite filling, here we are using tomato concassé. You could use chicken in cream sauce or garlic mushrooms, spinach etc.

* * *