Mussels  in White Wine

Mussels in White Wine

Serves 2 in 30 Minutes

Every time I eat mussels I am transported back to Brittany where I have spent many happy Summer holidays in recent years. 'Moules et Frites' in Carnac in a restaurant overlooking the bay at La Baie...hmm.. heaven!

* * *


First of all put the mussels in a large pot or bowl and cover them with flour. Mix it all over them and leave for a few minutes.Then rinse the mussels under running water and scrap of the beards and muck from them. the flour helps the mussels to expel any muck from inside.

Finely chop an onion or shallot and add to a saucepan of melted butter. Allow them to cook without colour gently for a few minutes.

Add the cleaned mussels to the pan of sweating onions. Mix in well.

Add the white wine but only enough to give them a bit of a paddle so don't pour in all the wine. Just a quarter of the way up the pan.

Bring the pan to the boil and cover with a lid allow the mussels to steam for a couple of minutes. Take off the lid and you will see all the shells open. Discard any shells that do not open. Arrange the mussels in bowls and spoon the liquor over them and serve with crusty bread. You can add some double cream to the mussel stock and enrich with anything you like to enhance the dish i.e.Pernod, chives or tomato concasse.

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