Making a Cartouche

Serves 0 in 2 Minutes

A cartouche is used to cover dishes cooking in the oven or to cover sauces to keep warm and the technique can be used to cut the paper to line the base of a cake tin.

* * *


Measure the greaseproof or baking paper against the width of the pan or tin to get the overall size.
Fold the paper in half. Then fold in half again.

Fold in half again and fold in half again. This should achieve a kite shape.

Holding the centre of the paper measure using the point of the paper from the centre to the edge of the tin. Mark where the paper touches the edge of the tin.

Cut through the mark you have made on the paper with a scissors. Make the cut in the shape of an arc but not too rounded.

Open the paper and you should have a circle of paper.

* * *