Lambs Liver in Dijon Mustard Sauce flavoured with Honey & Tarragon

Serves 4 in 30 Minutes

Ask most chefs of their favourite foods and I guarantee a lot of them will come up with some type of offal in a dish. For me it's liver but there are others that feature highly on my list. Often with offal there can be flavours and textures that are totally different to ordinary cuts of meat. So here is a recipe for lamb?s liver although it will work with most types of liver but just remember not to be obsessed with the national pastime of overcooking food. Try to keep the liver pink in the centre and serve straight out of the pan onto the plate. Then eat immediately. You will never braise liver again.

* * *


Cut the liver in strips 1cm by 2.5cm and season with salt & pepper.

Heat up your frying pan and flash fry it quickly in a little hot oil with the shallot that has been finely chopped, remove from the heat when droplets of blood start to form on the surface of the meat.

Boil up the gravy, white wine, tarragon, cream and Dijon mustard allow to reduce to a good pouring consistency.

Add the meat to the sauce reboil but do not over cook the liver. Taste the liver. If the liver appears to have a bitter taste on the back of your palate then mix in the honey.

Serve with Tagliatelle, baked potatoes or rosti potatoes

* * *