Lamb Rump topped with Grain Mustard Stuffing

Serves 4 in 1 Hour

Splash out for a bit of lamb now and again. Lamb rumps became popular a few years ago in restaurants and banqueting when rack of lamb became too expensive. It's a welcome treat in a desert of chicken.

* * *


Seasons the lamb rumps with salt and pepper, crush garlic and smear over the lamb. Sprinkle liberally with Lea & Perrins. Allow to stand whilst making up the stuffing.

To make the stuffing combine the breadcrumbs, Lea & Perrins, chopped chives, grain mustard and a sprinkle of salt and pepper and add a little water so that it is not too stiff a mix.

Roast the lamb rumps in a hot oven for ten minutes baste with own cooking juices and do not add any oil. There?s plenty of fat in the lamb.

Remove from the oven after this period and coat the top of the lamb with the stuffing. Return to the oven and cook for a further five minutes.

To make the sauce boil up the lamb gravy add the redcurrant jelly and blend to a smooth consistency
To serve: Remove the rumps from the oven cut the meat in half diagonally and arrange on warmed plates on a pool of the sauce.

Accompany with Parmentier Potatoes with thyme (herby dice), Roasted Parsnips, Baby Leeks & Creamed Swede if it's Autumn or Winter.

* * *