Hot Aubergine & Cream Cheese Salad

Serves 2 in 30 Minutes

This is great if you have vegetarians coming over for dinner. You can make as much or as little as you like. Even do it as a starter for everyone.

* * *


Begin by wiping, drying and cutting the aubergine into 1cm cubes, tip into a pan with vegetable oil - enough to cover the bottom of the pan, cook over a medium heat, stirring occasionally and adding a little more oil if the aubergine looks too dry.

Chop and add some onion, then a handful of canned chickpeas.

While the chickpeas are heating through make a mixed green salad.

Add a couple of large spoons of cream cheese to the aubergines and stir well to coat everything, turn out onto the salad.

Add different flavours by choosing a garlic cheese, or one with herbs, using a chilli oil to cook the aubergine in is very good.

* * *