Christmas Pudding

Serves 6 in 7 Hours

This is so easy to make and yo can always put your own twist on it by adding a dash of cointreau or other favourite tipple. the recipe will make two puddings that will serve 12 - 16 in total. The bonus of course is that you know what's in the pudding. No funny chemicals and you can even put in a couple of wrapped coins as was the custom before health and safety started to create the culture of fear.

* * *


Mix together dry ingredients, dried fruit, candied peel and chopped almonds in large bowl.

Pour mixture into two greased 1½ pint pudding basins. Cover tops of puddings with greaseproof paper, then with aluminium foil. Tie string around the rim. Leave overnight.

Place basins in a large pan of boiling water, and boil for 7 hours topping up water level from time to time during cooking.

Remove basins carefully from pan and leave until cold, then cover with fresh greaseproof paper, before storing.
Warm before serving. Serve with Brandy butter, fresh cream or custard.

* * *