Burger & Chips with Red Cabbage Slaw

Burger & Chips with Red Cabbage Slaw

Serves 4 in 1.0 Hour

Use my brioche bun recipe or buy some if you don't have time.

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Start by making the burger buns if you have not already done this or purchased some.

For the burgers place a peeled, quartered onion in a food processor and process until fine then add the mince and Worcestershire Sauce. Process to a fine paste. At this stage you can add a little salt if you like but it does not really need it.

Remove the meat from the machine and form into burgers either by hand or you might have burger former and wax papers.

Rest the burgers covered with cling film in the fridge when formed. Place the cheddar slices in a tray of milk.
Peel the potatoes and cut up your chips. Try and get them nice and even but it does not matter because your chips don't want to resemble frozen ones. Cut one side flat then lay the potato flat on the cutting board to keep it steady then cut into slices 1 cm thick. Stack the slices flat, you'll have to do this twice and slice again 1cm thick to get neatish chips.

Put the chips into a large pot of salted cold water, and bring them to the boil. As soon as the water comes up to the boil, drain them, and tip them onto kitchen paper or a dry clean tea towel and dry thoroughly. Tip the dry chips into a large bowl.

Add 2-3 tbsp vegetable oil and toss to coat all the chips with a covering of oil. Tip the chips onto baking tray, making sure you do not overcrowd the chips. Bake for 20-30 minutes, shaking every now and again, until the chips are cooked and are an even golden brown.

Feeling like a fry up then just blanch in warm oil till soft then fry in hot oil to finish and crisp.
Peel and slice the two remaining onions and fry them in oil and butter.

To make the coleslaw shred the cabbage, peel and grate the carrot, peel and slice the onions and then combine with mayonnaise.

To serve, cook the burgers, fry or grill (a flat grill on the top is best).

Cut the buns in half and lightly toast.

Spoon the coleslaw onto your plates.

As the burgers finish cooking place a slice of drained cheddar on each to melt. You can place under the gill for a minute to speed it up if you like.

Finish you chips off, perhaps sprinkle with piri piri if you like.

Slice the tomato and place the bun bottoms on plates next to the coleslaw and top with burger, tomato, fried onions, lettuce and finally the bun top.

Add your chips and there you have it.


You can have your own Man v Food with this one!

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