Beef in Guinness with Garlic Croutes

Beef in Guinness with Garlic Croutes

Serves 4 in 2.0 Hours

Perfect for a cold day why not make it the day before so that it's ready to eat when you come home.

* * *


Fry the beef, bacon and onion in oil to seal the meat.

Mix in the tomato paste and cook out so that the red turns brown.

Add the garlic and mix in well.

Mix in the flour and cook out for five minutes, before adding the stock and Guinness.

Bring to the boil stirring so that the liquid combines with the flour.

Add bouquet garni or herbs, transfer to a casserole, cover and cook in the oven on 150°C for 1½ hours.

Check occasionally and stir. At the end of the cooking process taste and adjust seasoning if necessary. If the sauce is too bitter then flavoured with a little sugar.

Cut the baguette on the slant into slices 75mm thick, lightly toast and spread with butter and sprinkle with garlic and chopped parsley.

Serve with boiled potatoes, root vegetables and cabbage.

* * *